I know that their are so many nail polishes out there, so I decided to give you guys a list about my favorite nail polish colors and brands. I will try to keep this post short but I can’t guarantee that. Okay lets start with The Color Workshop Ultimate Nails 21 Piece Complete Manicure and Nail Art Kit.  I absolutely love this set. My


favorite color is Sparked by The Color Workshop. It is this clear nail polish with a whole bunch of different color glitter pieces. The glitter is super fine but it is pretty. The problem was that I had to apply 3-4 coats in order to cover the whole nail with the sparkles. Another favorite from this package is the Jade. It is this beautiful emerald green color with a slight shimmer. You only need to apply 2-3 coats to get this intense green color.

Pros: It doesn’t come off even without the top coat. It stays vibrant the whole time.

Cons: With certain top coats, it peels right off.

The final nail polish company that I recommend (for the time being) is Pure Ice. Let’s start with the red. The red is so beautiful and I love how vibrant it is. It has a little shimmer but you can hardly notice it until you are in the sunlight. You only need to apply 2-3 coats and, with my experience, it lasts at least a week.


Now, last but not least, is the Pure Ice yellow color. It is a bright, vibrant, glittery nail polish color. Now, not Everyone, could wear this color. It sure is a eye catcher, so it you don’t like a lot of attention drawn to your nails, then I don’t think that you should wear this color. That’s all. Bye

                                 – Lyric


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