Okay so I was watching the teen choice awards and I would like to say that there was a lot of fashion donts during that show. I loved Bella Thornes look. I don’t care what anybody else says, I thought that it was gorgeous. Here’s a message to Taylor Swift: don’t ever wear that crop top outfit again. I mean it didn’t fit her, at all. This is just my opinion so don’t get mad at me. I loved all of Sarah Hyland’s looks. I thought that Selena Gomez’s look was sophisticated but I thought that it was gorgeous along with Ariana Grande’s look. I know that most people would totally deny this, but Kendall Jenner did not look good at all in that jumper or whatever you want to call it. She looked like a hot mess in my opinion. Kim Kardashian looked great in that black crop top and zebra skirt. Zendaya looked totally stunning in what she wore. Thanks for reading my article for more, please sign up for my daily (mostly) blog e-newsletters. Thank you.

– Lyric


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