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Hi everyone! I just wanted to tell let everyone that this blog is meant not just for my personal reviews and such but also to let everyone have the confidence to do or wear whatever they want. When I was in middle school, I used to get teased for my hair and my skin color and the way that I dressed. It affected me a lot and I began to be very mean and nasty to my family and friends. It lowered my self confidence and my ability to stand for what I believe in. Now that I am a freshman in high school, I met a great bunch of friends that actually enjoy me being myself and I am starting to become a happier person in general. I am happy because they accept my hair and my skin color and the way that I dress. I might get a few comments like ‘lunch lady hair’ or ‘old grandma jacket’ but my friends still like me for who I am. I am telling my readers this because I want them to be kind to people and accept them for who they are. When you see someone in the halls or all by themselves, try talking to them and see how they are doing and you might just make that persons day. I have a challenge that you guys can try. Try being nice to people and talk to different people that you might have never talked to for a month and see how you feel afterwards. There is not a prize for this challenge except the thought that you are making someones day. Compliment them on their hair and clothes. You can make new friends in the process.

– Lyric