I am so feeling sick right now! Here’s the dealio. I was, of course being stupid, and decided to carry the laptop AND the tablet. The tablet fell and my dad saw it and he was all like, ” you do to much to fast.” He didnt see how the tablet was on the screen so I went into my room with it and discovered that it was cracked. Now being 14, a girl and coming from a middle to low class family, I did what any girl would do. Which was cry. My brothers and I got it for Christmas from our grandma, so when I discovered that it was I felt my stomach knot because if I told my parents, I would a) get a lecture, b) get in REALLY big trouble c) they would brush it off or d) I would get option a and b. So I went and told my dad and he guessed that the tablet was cracked. So I told him yeah and said that I am turning it off just in case it had glitches. And guess what!?!! Dad did the EXACT OPPOSITE of what I thought he was going to do. He did c) brush it right off! Crazy right! Now I fell so much better getting that off my chest. Thanks for reading!